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“For the philosopher is confronted not by one complex many-dimensional picture...but by two pictures of essentially the same order of complexity, each of which purports to be a complete picture of man-in-the-world, and which, after separate scrutiny, he must fuse into one vision. Let me refer to these two perspectives, respectively, as the manifest and the scientific images of man-in-the-world.”
Wilfrid Sellars, Philosophy and the Scientific Image of Man.

The PoP Lab is a multi-disciplinary research laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. PoP is dedicated to the scientific study of the psycho-social mechanisms that underlie and influence philosophical judgments. The PoP Lab is a collaborative endeavor comprising two faculty members and several graduate students in philosophy. Members of the PoP lab are well-networked with faculty and graduate students in other relevant departments and conduct research on many topics, including explanation, understanding, know-how, causation, and morality. Methods used in PoP range from psychological experimentation to digital data mining. PoP members have presented their research around the globe, and their findings are steadily published in proceedings and in top journals. Please explore the left hand menu items for further information about PoP.